Monthly Market Commentary – May 2019

A look back at markets in May when stocks fell as trade tensions ratcheted up.

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Other News

Draft regulations published regarding maturing child trust funds

Draft regulations have been published that will mean the funds in maturing Child Trust Fund accounts can retain their tax-advantaged status after maturity.

Using Trusts as Part of an Inheritance Tax Planning Strategy

There is a common misconception that trusts are only used by the wealthy. However, they are accessible to all and can be a useful tool as part of a wider inheritance tax planning strategy. There are various reasons why a trust may be set up; some can be written into your Will and others can be set up independently. Here we explain what trusts are, what they do and the different types of trust available.

Tips For Effective Intergenerational Financial Planning

Traditionally parents would bequeath their assets to their surviving spouse and subsequently their children. But, as we live longer, there are increasing opportunities to use intergeneration financial planning which includes grandchildren and great grandchildren too.