Finance in the News – w/c 28.10.19

Short summaries of articles we think you will find useful from some of the weekend’s broadsheets.


“Looking for great share tips? Join the club”
Private investors are clubbing together in volatile times to pick shares that outperform.
“Could Alexa, Siri and Google make us smarter savers?”
Smart speakers don’t yet have the skills to.
“WeWork, Woodford and the modern ‘bezzle’”
The route to success these days is not chasing profits but hoarding market share.
“Woodford woes put spotlight on investment trusts’ poor launch record”
‘Schroders to take over management of Woodford Patient Capital Trust.
“Pension firms resist over compensation payouts”
Schemes warn that some pensioners could be hit with massive tax bills.
“Save lots, spend little . . . how a shop caretaker built an $8m fortune”
The story of how one’s wealth can be used to make a positive difference to others.


“Hargreaves Lansdown advisers double their money if they sell more to clients”
Are the interests of investment firms and consumers aligned when big bonuses are paid for generating extra fees?
“Even the experts struggle to work out which pension horse to back”
Impenetrable conditions and opaque calculations make it impossible to assess whether the cash value of any scheme is accurate
“We’re being charged a wealth tax — and not by government”
The pay of anyone who gives advice on what to do with our money should never be linked to how much they sell us, yet this is the remuneration structure at the heart of the wealth management industry.


“‘Should you invest in BrewDog? Three better ways to invest in beer”
Brewing company BrewDog is targeting first-year university students to become shareholders but experts have argued this is not the best way to make money from craft beer.
“What would Corbyn in power mean for savings and mortgage rates?”
A general election is now confirmed for December, as Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has withdrawn opposition to the vote.
“Why buying insurance on price comparison websites could invalidate your claim”
Customers buying home insurance through price comparison websites may have their claims rejected by insurers through no fault of their own.


“Women paid £260,000 less than men over their careers – report”
Figures lay bare scale of UK pay gap, revealing huge gulf even among most highly qualified.
“Revealed: the plan to end gazumping in house sales”
Homebuyers and sellers could be required to sign £1,000 reservation agreements to make it harder to walk away.

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