Finance in the News – w/c 11.03.19

Short summaries of articles we think you will find useful from some of the weekend’s broadsheets.


“ISAs: Who wants to be a millionaire?”
Popular tax-free savings accounts have produced handsome returns for investors.
“‘What women can teach us about investing”
The investment landscape is changing and women are leading the way.
“Cash system ‘on verge of collapse’”
17% of the population would struggle to cope in a cashless society, review finds.
“International Women’s Day: the problem of wealth”
Women remain a minority among private banking and wealth management clients.
“Forget the backdrop, now really is a good time to invest”
Be wary of US equities — but China and the UK offer more potential.
“Inheritance tax ISAs — a recipe for disaster?”
Patisserie Valerie scandal and fears over future of business property relief weigh on returns.


“Do emerging markets complete the ethical investment jigsaw?”
Many investors looking to add more ‘ethical’ companies to their portfolio are beginning to look at developing economies. But what are the risks? And is there a better alternative closer to home?
“Where there’s a will, there’s a way to get it wrong”
Online advice and DIY kits make writing a will look easy, but a lawyer will ensure you avoid costly mistakes.
“Get rich quick with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? Not likely, says watchdog”
The FCA’s first analysis of the cyptocurrency market, for which it interviewed more than 2,000 investors, found that, while 45% had first heard of the investments through online or traditional news outlets, 36% had been encouraged by friends, social media connections or work colleagues.


“Warning over ‘snake-oil tax salesmen’ preying on contractors”
The taxman is downplaying the number of healthcare professionals set to be hit by huge bills in a major tax avoidance crackdown, MPs have claimed.
“Head to head: are we in a tech bubble like 1999 or is it different this time?”
Telegraph Money asked the bullish Peter Toogood of the Adviser Centre and bearish Alasdair McKinnon, manager of the £775m Scottish Investment Trust, to give their reasons why now does and does not look like the 1999 technology bubble.


“Labour would force UK landlords to offer indefinite tenancies”
Plan will address ‘power imbalance’ and insecurity of rentals, says shadow minister.
“Actually, the rich pay lots of tax. But on income, not their wealth”
Rather than cut income tax, the government would do better to tax the country’s real wealth.


“Would you buy life insurance with a skull for a logo?”
Dead Happy targets new generation of customers with lower payments and invite to make a ‘deathwish’.

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