Finance in the News – w/c 04.03.19

Short summaries of articles we think you will find useful from some of the weekend’s broadsheets.


“Crowdfunding in search of the next Apple or Facebook”
How young people are piling their savings into start-ups in search of business ‘unicorns’.
“‘HMRC under fire for ‘borrow to pay tax bills’ advice”
MPs ask FCA to probe whether push to take out loans is a breach of regulations.
“Parents lose millions of pounds in the maze of childcare funding”
Personal experience outlines the catalogue of errors that can be avoided with better planning.
“Childcare costs continue to rise across the UK”
Parents of under-twos pay up to £9,100 a year for part-time childcare in London.
“HMRC urges UK taxpayers to reveal their offshore assets”
Tax authority escalates crackdown after receiving data from more than 100 countries.
“Don’t let the UK’s economic doldrums get you down”
Short-term data overload can spook investors — look to the long term.


“Enough experimenting, Neil — it comes at our expense”
Will fund manager Neil Woodford’s obsession with tech and biotech start-ups prove to be his downfall?
“Watch the pensions trap when you divorce”
If lawyers don’t factor in retirement savings, women can end up £2,000 a year worse off than men.
“We can’t force loan charge victims to pay up, says taxman’”
HMRC’s deputy chief executive, has said that workers who disclosed details of the way they were being paid on self-assessment forms could argue the Revenue has run out of time to chase them for tax.


“The reason we’re all paying far more inheritance tax – and how to avoid it”
Families are at risk of paying more in inheritance tax (IHT) due to the decline in estates covered by whole-of-life assurance, financial advisers have warned.
“Revealed: the secret mortgage deals your bank won’t advertise”
Common wisdom suggests that homeowners should switch to a new bank once their mortgage deal expires. Yet staying with an existing lender may be the best option, as banks offer increasingly attractive deals to keep hold of customers.


“Equity Isas: is it time to invest as no-deal Brexit threat fades?
Uncertainty has made UK shares among the world’s cheapest. Should you take the plunge?
“Beckham-backed film funding firm to begin appeal against HMRC”
An investment firm (Ingenious) that persuaded celebrities, sports stars and business leaders to invest in controversial film partnership schemes will on Monday launch an appeal against HMRC that could cost the taxman up to £1bn.


“How to top up your pension pot before the end of the tax year on April 5 – and escape a hefty penalty”
With the end of the tax year looming on April 5, many pension savers are wrestling with whether they can afford to top up their retirement pots.

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