Finura Partners

SME & Corporate Financial Planning

Being an SME ourselves, we understand the challenges that business owners face, and how best to overcome them. We work in partnership with your business, providing continuous support to implement a range of financial planning solutions including:

Auto-enrolment & Pension support

Our team of qualified advisers and client support team are ideally placed to help SMEs implement solutions. Finura will guide you through workplace legislation, workforce assessment, scheme selection and implementation. Our aim is to minimise the impact of pension implementation on your business. This means less time spent on market research and administration.

Company and Staff benefits

One of the biggest challenges faced by business owners is how to attract and retain key staff. Finura will research what your competitors are providing for staff to ensure that any benefits package is relevant to your industry or profession. Again, we will manage the process from the design of the package through to implementation. We will also ensure that any benefit we propose is set up in the most tax efficient way possible.

Risk mitigation and Insurance

Risk mitigation for business owners is crucial to company longevity. Finura can help to identify risks that may exist within a business. This can be inclusive of identifying key people, ensuring shareholders are protected, right through to buildings and contents insurance. Different businesses carry different risks, so we ensure that anything set up is specific to your situation. We will help to see your renewal date as more of an opportunity than a chore.

Tax efficient cash extraction

Finura can help business owners extract cash efficiently, whether your business is at the start or the end of its life. We understand that there is often a hard choice between personal risk, and having access to funds for growth or working capital. With interest rates at historic lows, we also help businesses invest the money otherwise sat on their balance sheet to maintain its real value.