Finura Partners

Initial Planning Fees

We work at an hourly rate for initial planning work and our fees are based on our experience of the time needed
to complete your individual piece of work. Our fees do not automatically increase with investment size.

We always insist on at least one exploratory meeting, at our expense. This allows you the time to appreciate our approach and whether you feel there could be a good working relationship moving forward. From our perspective it allows us to see where we can add value and to ensure paying fees will be worthwhile. From our experience it will take two or three meetings to reach a point at which we are comfortable working together.

Where we agree to work together, in most cases our fees are non-contingent. This means that our advice does not hinge on you taking up a new plan or solution. We believe this fits with our role to offer you quality impartial advice and to put you in an informed position, which may mean maintaining the status quo.

Hourly Rates
Hourly Rate £300


Ongoing Planning Fees

Central to our advice process and value add is ongoing, regular reviews. We must ensure that we continue to update your lifestyle plan that our planning remains fit for your objectives. Most clients prefer us to have a vested interest in their success and thus we charge a percentage based retainer linked to the assets we manage.

Percentage Rates
£0-£2,000,000 1%
£2,000,000+ 0%

We do reserve the right to decrease the fee charged.

Terms of Business

Thinking of becoming a client? Please download a copy of our Terms of Business to find out more information about Finura Partners. If you have any further queries, then please contact the office where a member of the team will be happy to assist.


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For full details of our compliance policies, please download a copy of our Terms of Business.